Genre, audience and purpose

In the exam, you will be told which genre you should be writing for, so this part is easy. Just remember the common features of the different genres - eg the layout of a formal letter, or the fact that newspapers use headings and sub headings.

Here is a list of genres that have appeared in this section of the exam.

an article in a magazine
a newspaper article
a letter to an official body
a leaflet offering advice
a speech

The exam question will often tell you who your audience is. The key thing to remember is to address them appropriately, but this is what you should be planning when thinking about language, information, style and tone.

Here are some examples of audiences:

your headteacher
your year group
your local MP

In this section of the exam, your purpose will be to argue, persuade or advise.

You may have a choice of questions, therefore, you must make sure that if you choose to answer the question on writing to advise, don't write an answer that argues or persuades.

To argue is to disagree with something or put across reasons for and against something.

To persuade is to get someone else to believe in or agree with something or a point of view.

To advise is to recommend, inform or suggest something to someone.

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