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Writing to persudae
You should give persuasive reasons = It is visual that, We feel this is an important area for improvement, Dedicated staff at the school require, There has been a real need for…
You should Link between paragraphs = A further idea for improvement might be, Likewise, Furthermore, Similary, As you can see from the comments above..
You should Provide answers to probable questions = Parents may well feel, In an ideal world, However, On the other hand…
You should Be polite but persuasive = Im sure youll agree that, The senior managemnet team are only too aware of the demands on parental pockets, We all have the best interests of our children at heart, Please consider giving a small amount…
You should make it personal = As parents, we all want the best education possible for our youngsters, Your donation will make a real difference to, Your own children weill be direct beneficiaries of, On behalf of the school, I thank you for…

Writing to argue
When you have the information you need to include in your letter, you need to make a plan.
Introduction- why are you writing
Content – the evidence for your argument.
Conclusion-What you want to happen.

Writing to advise.
Preparing to write – first of all check :
What sort of genre or format do you need to use?
What is your intended audience?
What is the purpose of this writing.
For the introduction = introduce the information pack, introduce the subject, expand on the subject

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